How to buy Ground Zero: Repairman Jack, Book 13

 p On September 11, 2001, a man drifts in a boat off lower Manhattan as the twin towers burn- He removes a small box from his pocket and presses a button- As he waits for the south tower to collapse, he thinks: The vast majority will blame the collapse on the crazy Arabs who hijacked the planes and Read more [...]

How to buy Evil in the 1st House: A Starlight Detective Agency Mystery, Book 3

 p In his most personal case yet, astrologerdetective David Lowell is presented with a briefcase containing one million dollars in cash and the promise of another million upon success, by Dr- Ethan Williamson, to find his dying son's twin for a life-saving kidney transplant- A rare blood type has ma Read more [...]

How to buy The Black Tulip

 p When tulip-grower Cornelius van Baerle is framed for treason and sentenced to death, he is powerless against the brutal factional politics that put him in prison- But Rosa, the jailer's daughter, is beautiful and strong-willed, and when they fall in love she determines not only to save him but al Read more [...]

How to buy HRM Practices

 p "HRM practices" are present where ever one should engage in work endeavors- Such organizational activity occurs within both the private and public sectors- Managers within one sector may not be able to simply transfer their experience to another sector- HRM practices involve a three step process Read more [...]

How to buy Hide & Shriek: Camp Confidential #14

The girls go on an overnight and share horror stories around the campfire- But it's the one about Cropsy, the creepy old man who lives just outside the campgrounds and is known for torturing Lakeview campers, that hits closest to home - especially when Chelsea leaves the group, for a bathroom break Read more [...]

How to buy Wait for Me

 p  i New York Times i  best-seller,  i USA Today i  best-seller,  i Wall Street Journal i  best-seller,  i Digital Book World i  best-seller, and IndieReader best-seller! A 2013 Bookie Award Nominee - Best eBook Novel of the year! A 2012 Readers' Choice Awards finalist!  p  p A woman without a past Read more [...]

How to buy My Big TOE, Book 3: Inner Workings

 p  i My Big TOE i , written by a nuclear physicist in the language of contemporary culture, unifies science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, purpose and meaning, the normal and the paranormal- The entirety of human experience (mind, body, and spirit) including both our obje Read more [...]

How to buy Why Loyalty Matters

 p  b The Groundbreaking Approach to Rediscovering Happiness, Meaning and Lasting Fulfillment in Your Life and Work b  p  p Think you know what it takes to be successful and happy? Think again! If you were to ask anyone what factor contributes most to being successful and happy, you can be virtually Read more [...]

How to buy City of Darkness

 p Evan stands at the very edge of the underground city he's lived in his entire life- It's the shadows that surround the city that keep the people prisoner- It's their fear of the darkness that keeps them in line-  p  p But Evan knows he can no longer live in the city any longer- He has found out a Read more [...]

How to buy Mrs. Poe

 p A writer and his demons- A woman and her desires- A wife and her revenge - - -  p  p Inspired by literature's most haunting love triangle, award-winning author Lynn Cullen delivers a pitch-perfect rendering of Edgar Allan Poe, his mistress's tantalizing confession, and his wife's frightening obse Read more [...]

How to buy Gotham Tragic

Kurt Wenzel is the acclaimed author of the novel  i Lit Life i - In  i Gotham Tragic i , the New York-based writer skewers celebrity culture with dead-on humor and deft plotting- Wenzel's subject, Kyle Clayton, is an author whose drunken escapades draw as much interest as his novels- But when he att Read more [...]

How to buy Entrepreneur Bible to Riches: The Gospel of Wealth Attraction

 p Come along now, for wrap thyself in this purple silk cloak, let us dance and rejoice in the garden among the golden pools of oil, for we have ascended the depths of trials, tribulations to hear the words of the glorious eternal flame of fortune-  p  p Do not turn away from the tree of wealth for Read more [...]

How to buy Music of the Soul

 p Mandy Harris, the rock world's bad girl, has lost her sense of self- Turning her back on the music she once loved, she returns to her hometown- After a chance meeting with Anabella, a deaf girl with a unique appreciation for music and life, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to her- Finding lov Read more [...]

How to buy My Antonia

 p After the death of his parents, Jim was sent to live with his grandparents in Black Hawk Nebraska- There he befriended Antonia, the daughter of Bohemian immigrants- Years later, Jim, now a successful lawyer in New York, returns to his childhood home and Antonia- Jim's love for Antonia has endured Read more [...]

How to buy The Adventures of Uncle Tom

 p Thomas, better known as "Uncle Tom", reflects on his youth as the servant of a storekeeper- Tom's boyish spirit is confronted with a number of disappointments; however, he never loses sight of his goal to be free-  i The Adventures of Uncle Tom i  detail the nature of a young man full of wit, cha Read more [...]

How to buy Mako: The Mako Saga, Book 1

 p A down-and-out history professor leads a team of old friends to virtual glory as the first-ever group to beat Mako Assault, a revolutionary new game that has emerged from nowhere to take the online world by storm- As a reward for their achievement, and under the guise of publicity, the group is f Read more [...]

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