How to buy Word Soup

Word Soup is a word search game with a tactical twist-  br   br  Create words within the grid of scrambled letters- Each word created is removed from the grid and the letters above fall into the gaps left behind, creating new word combinations- With careful play, letters can be strategically brought Read more [...]

How to buy Bricks Classic

Bricks Classic is a retro-style game where you control a paddle that is used to bounce a block up towards bricks that you are trying to destroy- br   br  The game consists of forty brick-busting levels- Each level consists of varying numbers of three types of bricks that have different levels of des Read more [...]

How to buy Samurai Sudoku

Samurai Sudoku puzzles provide 5 times the challenge, entertainment and satisfaction of regular Sudoku puzzles! br   br  With four additional squares integrated into the corners of the center square, each Samurai Sudoku puzzle has 5 sudoku grids to solve, and you must still follow all the traditiona Read more [...]

How to buy Mahjong Words

Mahjong Words is a new twist on the classic Mahjong Solitaire game- The goal is to spell words using the available tiles on the board- A tile is available if it has a side edge free and has no other tiles on top of it- br   br  Your objective is to score as many points as possible by spelling words Read more [...]

How to buy AccuWeather

AccuWeather is the best way to get weather forecasts on your Kindle-  br   br  With AccuWeather, you get accurate local reports of current conditions and nine days of forecasts for all global locations- To help you plan your day, AccuWeather gives you hour-by-hour forecasts for the next 8 hours- br Read more [...]

How to buy Jewels

Jewels is a matching game which will put your planning and pattern recognition skills to the test- br   br  The rules of Jewels are simple: you swap adjacent jewels (horizontally or vertically) to create combinations of three or more jewels of the same type- Once matched, the jewels are removed and Read more [...]

How to buy Notepad Plus

Now you can write notes or keep a diary on Kindle and do much more- br   br  NotePad Plus is not just a notepad but also a task editor, shopping list editor and a password protected diary for you- br   br  You can organize your notes in the folders, creating as many notes as you want- All notes are Read more [...]

How to buy Sudoku Works

Millions of Sudoku puzzles are at your fingertips with Sudoku Works for Kindle- br   br  Sudoku Works can create puzzles in four grid sizes (4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 9x9) with five difficulty levels, so it can make puzzles for everyone from beginner to expert- And with over 50 million possible puzzles, it' Read more [...]

How to buy EA Sudoku

Play Sudoku on Kindle - anytime, anywhere- br   br  EA Sudoku contains thousands of built-in puzzles, as well as the ability to enter and play a puzzle from your favorite newspaper or magazine in "Newspaper" mode- br   br  With five difficulty levels from "Easy" to "Insane," Sudoku offers plenty of Read more [...]

How to buy Math Star

How good is your math? Find out by taking the Math Star Challenge, and progress through 100 increasingly difficult levels to see how good you really are- br   br  Math Star features ten different game types including "Add it Up!", "Takeaway!", "Multiple Trouble!" and "Divide and Conquer"- Also inclu Read more [...]

How to buy TakeNote

TakeNote is a great tool for writing on your Kindle, with a clean, simple interface that fits beautifully into Kindle's design philosophy- Take notes, make a to-do list, write a journal, save recipes, write a story-  br   br  TakeNote is designed to make writing quick and easy- Its snappy performanc Read more [...]

How to buy Checkers

Enjoy the classic board game of Checkers on Kindle-  br   br   The object of Checkers is to jump over and capture all of your opponent's pieces before you lose all of your own, or to put your opponent in a position where there are no legal moves available-  br   br   Checkers allows you play again Read more [...]

How to buy The Hardest Game

Will you solve this numerical puzzle? br   br  The Hardest Game lives up to its name- This is a puzzle game, which might seem simple on the surface but can become very hard to solve- br   br  The goal is to place numbers on the board- You start with a 5 x 5 board and must place numbers from 1 to 25 Read more [...]

How to buy Word Genius

Word Genius is an amazing word game- You are given 50 letters- Each letter can be placed on one of the three rows on the board- Or you can decide to skip this letter- Whenever you make a valid word (made of three letters or more) on any of the rows, you are awarded score, based on its letters- New w Read more [...]

How to buy Premier Baseball Scorecard

Premier Baseball Scorecard is a baseball scoring application designed to make scoring baseball games easier and faster- Whether keeping score for your favorite pro team, or keeping stats for your rising star, this app is for you- Start a custom season for your little league team and track stats for Read more [...]

How to buy 24-7 German - Vocabulary

Learn German with your own personal language tutor- br   br  24-7 German - Vocabulary is a fun way to learn a language- Going beyond a phrasebook or set of flashcards, this title provides a set of interactive study tools to help you learn the language, including traditional flashcards, a multiple ch Read more [...]

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