How to buy Texas Gardener

Texas Gardener is a bimonthly (six times a year) magazine that provides practical, how-to information on all aspects of gardening in the Lone Star State- We cover vegetable, flower, fruit, herbs and landscaping with an emphasis on using native and adapted plants and proven organic techniques and pr Read more [...]

How to buy Vital Statistics on American Politics

CQ has the largest news team covering Capitol Hill- Reporters, editors and researchers keep readers updated- CQ's readership includes 95 percent of the members of Congress, top academic and media outlets, and leaders in business, nonprofit organizations, government affairs and the executive branch- Read more [...]

How to buy Woman's Day (1-year auto-renewal)

Woman's Day Magazine covers many topics of interest to women, making it one of the leading magazines in the country- Each issue features a variety of articles relating to home improvement, cooking, fashion, and family- Designed for women on a budget, many of the issues come with tips on saving money Read more [...]

How to buy Duty-Free News International

 I Duty-Free News International (DFNI) I  brings news and analysis to subscribers every two weeks- In addition to the latest product and retail news, backed by extensive comment and analysis, it offers in-depth features covering industry issues and growth sectors, with regular reports on airport dev Read more [...]

How to buy Sensory Integration - Special Interest Section Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter, published by the American Occupational Therapy Association, offers leadership, resources, and information to occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and students on sensory integration, as well as occupational therapy theory and clinical tools based on re Read more [...]

How to buy Weekends for Two

Packed with ideas for the perfect weekend or short break getaway,  I Weekends For Two I  magazine is a guide to luxury accommodation across Australia, including grand manors, tropical islands, luxury mountain hideaways, remote country cottages, and elegant city hotels- The magazine includes tips on Read more [...]

How to buy Scandinavian Oil Gas Magazine

Your source for information on developments within the oil & gas industry in the Northern Seas- The magazine covers all areas of the offshore industry, from policy to platforms, research to rig retirement- It features interviews with oil and gas professionals and executives, as well as politicians- Read more [...]

How to buy Mobile Computing and Communications Review - Sigmobile

 I Mobile Computing and Communications Review I  publishes articles that provide a healthy balance between state-of-the-art research and practice- Issues contain bibliographies of recent publications in other journals, paper and book reviews, workshop and conference reports, calls for papers, inform Read more [...]

How to buy Lady Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997) Tribute Issue - September 15, 1997 People Magazine

This is the best-selling issue in People magazine's 39-year-history- A tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales- Also: An abbreviated version of their annual Best & Worst Dressed of the year section Read more [...]

How to buy State & Federal Wage-Hour Compliance Guide

 I State & Federal Wage Hour Compliance Guide I  provides quick, clear, and comprehensive guidance on the numerous and complex wage-hour laws that affect payroll compliance and administration- Topics covered include minimum wage, overtime, white-collar exemptions, employing minors, recordkeeping, en Read more [...]

How to buy The New Yorker (1-year auto-renewal)

Week after week, The New Yorker keeps its reader current- Subscribe now and don't miss the New Yorker's famous fiction and poetry, book and film review, its incisive looks at politics, people and the way we live, and of course, those CARTOONS- In-depth reporting, surprising opinions, sharp wit, the Read more [...]

How to buy Bicycling (1-year auto-renewal)

Since 1962, BICYCLING has been inspiring people to get more out of their cycling passion- Each action-packed issue is filled with proven secrets to go faster, stronger, longer- Increase your stamina; buy the best gear for your money; locate a great ride; improve your performance; perfect your tech Read more [...]

How to buy Art & Antiques

This magazine's editorial emphasis is on fine art and antiques, art lovers and collectors- It regularly features gallery and contemporary art opening reviews, articles on the domestic and international market, expert advice on the value of antiques and feature articles on single artists or pieces o Read more [...]

How to buy The Atlantic

Founded in 1857,  em The Atlantic em  is one of America's great thought leader magazines- It features ground-breaking articles on politics, social trends, education, literature and arts- Famous for its excellent writing and artistic quality, The Atlantic has won more National Magazine Awards than an Read more [...]

How to buy Barron's

BARRON'S is edited to contain in-depth analysis of how the capital markets impact the future of business and government- Articles point out industrial developments and investment opportunities affecting the business person, the money manager, the investor, the advocate, and the consumer- Each issue Read more [...]

How to buy Tropical Fish Hobbyist

The World's Leading Aquarium Magazine for Over Half a Century, has been the best source of accurate, fascinating, up-to-the-minute information on the aquarium hobby, from small freshwater tanks to wall-sized reef tanks and even beautifully landscaped garden ponds- Now TFH is better than ever, with Read more [...]

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