How to buy Crimes of the Heart (Lorimar)

Three sisters with quite different personalities and lives reunite when the youngest of them, Babe, has just shot her husband- The oldest sister, Lenny, takes care of their grandfather and is turning into an old maid, while Meg, who tries to make it in Hollywood as a singeractress, has had a wild li Read more [...]

How to buy Chord Solo Guitar, Vol. 2 with John Carlini [VHS]

In these exciting new videos, John Carlini thoroughly teaches 10 complete chord solo masterpieces- He also teaches the theory, technique, & artistic insights using these tunes as examples- The courses are taught using both fingerpicks & flatpick & it covers a variety of musical styles- Part of wh Read more [...]

How to buy The Cosmic Joke: Two-part Documentary About Global Population Explosion and Some Possible Solutions [Program 1: The Other Side of Paradise / Program 2: A Matter of Choice] (2 VHS Videos)

A personal investigation by Dr- June Goodfield takes her through four countries Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, and Ghana to study global population and bring to issue the importance of family planning- This two-part documentary about the global population explosion and some possible solutions includes Read more [...]

How to buy Jack LaLanne Stepper

Jack LaLanne Stepper "The Best Way to Get in Shape!" Get ready to slim down, tone your body, and get into total shapefaster than you ever dreamed possiblewith today's most acclaimed health exercises--- from the world's most notable name in fitness! Stair climbing is so effective, it burns calories 4 Read more [...]

How to buy Building the World's Largest Cruise Ship: Voyager of the Seas, First of the Eagle Class Ships

The complete story behind Royal Caribbean International's Voyager Class ships, from concept to reality- Three video box set includes: Volume 1 "Concept and Design", Volume 2 "Building and Testing", and Volume 3 "A City at Sea"- Description from the box: More than 3 football fields long and 214 heet Read more [...]

How to buy The Visual Bible for Kids: The Great Escape: Starring Frank Peretti as Mr. Henry [VHS]

 p Starring Frank Peretti- p  p Mr- Henry returns in a story of shipwrecks at sea, prison escapes, and Roman dungeons as he takes the Sunday School class into the darkest depths of the church basement to show how God cares for us in the most difficult times- Calling on the book of Acts, this story Read more [...]

How to buy The Making Meetings Work Series Strategies to help you and your people stop wasting time and start getting things done.

Six video set designed to train employees the "skills and strategies to help run effective, efficient meetings--and make the best use of everyone's time"- 128 minutes play time- A small booklet accompanies each video with a list of potential discussion questions- "Volume 1: To Meet, or Not to Meet? Read more [...]

How to buy Diving Guide to Southern California

Dive Ventura County to San Diego and the islands of Southern California- Compiled over the past six years by producer-master diver Mike Rothmiller, this guide will take you to the choicest locations of the Golden State from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border- This unique guide shows the viewer the Read more [...]

How to buy Sit-N-Swing Exercise Video (AbSwing) VHS VIDEO

(1 VHS Video) The Sit-N-Swing Exercise Video will show you how to correctly use your AbSwing- Everyone who is interested in exercising and getting into shape considers their abdominal muscles at some point during their training regimen- Abdomen muscles, or abs, can be toned and strengthened with th Read more [...]

How to buy The Black Klansman

If ever there was a time and place to utilize the word 'hoot' in reference to a film, the 'Black Klansman' is transcendental material- With mighty waving banner of fierce and vengeful fire, the front man of this film undercuts the enslaving white man by going undercover and tearing down the metaphor Read more [...]

How to buy The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, video 3 [VHS]

 p Session 1: The Law of the Lid, The Law of Influence, The Law of Process, The Law of Navigation p   p Session 2: The Law of E- F- Hutton, The Law of Solid Ground, The Law of Respect, The Law of Intuition p   p Session 3: The Law of Magnetism, The Law of Connection, The Law of the Inner Circle, Read more [...]

How to buy Fundamental Truths : The Architecture of Irving J. Gill [VHS]

Just before the dawn of the 20th century, a young architect named Irving J- Gill came to San Diego, California- A firm believer in the edict that form follows function, Gill forged a modern vision of architecture, which restored simplicity, revered craftsmanship and drew inspiration from nature- Esc Read more [...]

How to buy Student Writing Center

Special Student Features-Unlike any other word processor: Bibliography Maker automatically formats bibliographies for over 20 reference types, including books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, films, lectures, and interviews----Grammar Tips on punctuation, capitalization, plurals, Read more [...]

How to buy Jeff Huber: Dryland Training for Diving (DVD)

with Dr- Jeff Huber, Indiana University Men's and Women's Head Diving Coach; 2000 & 2004 U- S- Olympic Diving Coach, 2005 NCAA National Women's Diving Coach of the Year; 13 X Big Ten Coach of the Year, 7 X US Diving National Coach of the Year, USOC National Diving Coach of the Year- Dr- Jeff Huber Read more [...]

How to buy Succeeding in the Workplace

Seven general principles of job success are presented in this program, along with concrete actions viewers can put into practice in the work setting- In addition, the on-screen spokespeople also describe their real-life experiences on the job- Fears and concerns, work place victories and defeats, an Read more [...]

How to buy National Geographic's Rain Forest [VHS]

The tropical rain forests of the world are home to nearly half the animal species on earth - an estimated five million different life forms- More than 100 inches of rainfall each year sustain this lush environment, where some of the most fascinating examples of natural adaptation can be found- Jou Read more [...]

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